Oxicure All Purpose Sanitizer

• Nothing else like it on the market
• Kills 99.999% of household bacteria
• Safe enough to use on all surfaces
• Used in commercial sanitization for many years
• Made with PAA, breaks down to non-toxic solution

To Clean/Remove Soap Scum: Spray product onto soils and wipe clean with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. No scrubbing or rinsing is necessary. For best results, use a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. Repeat for heavily soiled areas. For stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas or tougher jobs, allow product to penetrate dirt and soap scum before wiping. For best results, use regularly to prevent soap scum build up.
To Clean Toilets: To clean and deodorize toilet bowl, squirt liberally (1/2 cup) on toilet sides and upper bowl toilet rim. Swab all surfaces thoroughly and flush.
To Sanitize: Spray until thoroughly wet. Let stand 60 seconds then wipe. For heavily soiled areas, a precleaning is required. Drain any excess solution. Do not rinse.

• Non-porous surfaces throughout the house
• Fruits and Vegetables
•Appliance Exteriors
• Countertops
• Shower
• Toilets
• Toy boxes
• And many, many more!