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Doctor Drain 1 Month Natural Septic Treatment

Doctor Drain Holding Tank Treatment

Doctor Drain Septic Treatment is the environmentally friendly septic treatment:

  • 8 oz. concentrate treats 1500 gallon septic tanks or cesspools – less packaging
  • Safe for all pipes and plumbing – non-corrosive
  • Single flush formula – uses less water
  • Contains up to 10x more natural bacteria than competing brands
  • Helps prevent septic backup
  • Eliminates septic odors
  • Digests protein, oils, grease & paper

Doctor Drain Septic Tank TreatmentTear open package and pour entire contents into toilet. Flush once. For best results use at bed time. Use monthly.

Septic SystemsDoctor Drain Natural Septic Treatment

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Dose for dose, you can’t buy a better septic product.

Use natural Doctor Drain Septic Treatment monthly to help counter the effects that household chemicals, oils, grease, paper and other items have on your septic system. It is the only concentrated, naturally safe solution that helps prevent backup, controls odors and balances your septic system with the most bacteria available per treatment.