Contract Manufacturing

Production of Private Label Chemical Products

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ARC and ARC Products have a long history in the production of private label chemical products. We are highly proficient in the manufacturing and packaging of laundry, septic, quaternary sanitizers, anti-microbial solutions, bleach blends, pot and pan, acid & alkaline cleaners, R&D and advanced chemical production. ARC produces over 100 different cleaning products exceeding 200 million pounds annually. We are capable of packaging everything from 2 oz. bottles, totes, full tank truck wagons to rail cars.


Unlike most private label producers ARC has unique analytical capabilities. Due to the highly specialized manufacturing of advanced materials produced at ARC, our chemists are capable of creating original formulations and refining your existing formulations to perfect the final product. This rare combination of analytics, advanced chemists, basic and complex formulations and millions of dollars invested in production equipment provide comprehensive solutions to our customers for true private label production.