Monthly Archives - July 2017

New Product Launch

ARC Products has been working on a new product, Oxicure, for quite some time now and it is FINALLY ready to be released to the retail market! Oxicure is the only Ready-To-Use retail Paracetic Acid (PAA) product on the market. It is an all encompassing sanitizer that can be used on any hard, nonporous surfaces, including fruits and veggies!

Oxicure is a one step sanitizer- meaning you spray Oxicure and after 60 seconds, that surface is cleaned and sanitized. It is EPA tested and verified, Kosher approved and USDA Organic. Oxicure cuts grease, grime & soap scum, eliminates odors, is all natural, bleach and chlorine free AND kills 99.9% of household bacteria. Stay tuned for updates regarding retail locations and other information!